What is a first time clean?

When we come to your home for the first time everything is cleaned during the initial visit. This allows for subsequent cleans to take less time. For example; windows, doors and door frames, baseboards, high areas, under furniture and moving furniture. After the initial clean, the windows (for example) do not need to be cleaned as they are done seasonally, baseboards do not need to get cleaned only dusted (unless they are dirty), furniture will still be moved however the extensive clean has been completed. The first time clean encompasses everything as a whole. After the home has had an initial clean it will be easier to maintain. Depending on how often you book a clean is a factor to be considered. The second, third and fourth clean will take less time and end up averaging out a set amount of hours.

What is the difference between one, two or three workers?

While some prefer to have only one person in their home during a clean, others do not mind to have two or three. This will depend on what you are comfortable with. If you have a scheduled clean for one person for six hours, you may not have the work completed as you anticipated. Rather if you had two people in your home for three hours, you would receive double to amount of work in a shorter time frame. The same would be applied for three people. The more hands working the faster the job will be. Ask yourself before you book for one, two, or three, how many hours would you like us to be there and how often would you like a clean. 

Do you bring your own supplies?

Spic and Span Natural Home Cleaning provides all cleaning materials needed to complete the job each and every time we visit. This includes; vacuum, mop, cleaning materials, bags, paper towel, cloths etc.; unless otherwise noted by the client. Cleaning materials can be very expensive; we make sure to cover that cost.

How often do I need a clean?

This depends on you and what you are looking for. Do you have pets? Are you a working professional and do not have the time? Are you psychically not able to clean your home? Do you want help cleaning and managing your home? Are you moving in or out and would like the space cleaned? Is this a gift for someone? Some of our clients are immobile and are not able to clean their homes. Some clients have respiratory issues and it is very important for their homes to be cleaned. Some clients have severe allergies to cleaning chemicals and therefore we will use ONLY natural products. Hiring a cleaning company is hired help. For whatever the reason you would like to have your home cleaned, help you organize, help you with an event or home manage; those are your reasons. We offer a wide variety of services to accommodate you. Our goal is to make your life easier and manageable. In terms of cleaning services we offer; daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and occasional and one time cleans. How can we fit into your life in order to give you that time you need?

Do you make beds? Would you do dishes?

We are more than just a company. We have heart and deep compassion for every client and their homes. For example; if you had a dog and you weren’t home, we would bring the dog for a walk. Yes, we do the dishes and we ensure there are none left for you to put away either. Yes, we make beds; I am surprised clients ask if we provide that service because it should be a given. We do laundry and would separate anything that would have to go to the dry cleaners if need be. Think of us as an extension of you. As a one stop shop. Cleaning is our business, home managing is our business, working with people is our skill and helping clients is our motivation. I would expect nothing less because our priority and focus is on you. Spic and Span Natural Home Cleaning goes the extra mile for client satisfaction.

Do you issue receipts?

Yes. After the job is completed a receipt will be left/mailed to you. Weekly and bi-weekly clients will receive receipts once a month. Receipts are issued for tax purposes. 

What payment methods are available?

Payments are accepted through cash, cheque or e transfer. Standing appointments have the option to be paid at the end of the month.